Sunday, August 7, 2011

Petey's New Treats

The box clearly shows the actual size, but I didn't notice it. I had a coupon and I was too busy making sure I had the right product and best value to notice something as trivial as the size. Initially, Petey liked them, sort of like doggy popcorn. Today, he'll have nothing to do with them. Typical Pete!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Last night John lost his glasses. It isn't an unusual occurrence. He loses his glasses routinely. The difference this time was that neither one of us could find his glasses. We looked and looked all through the house for them. We looked and looked all outside of the house for them. In and out we went looking everywhere in the house, garage, yard and driveway. Petey, of course, was right with us trying to sniff out those glasses.

The last time John remembered having the glasses was when he was working on his car. He'd taken it out for a test drive and had a sinking feeling that he'd laid the glasses on the fender or someplace under the hood and failed to pick them up before taking the test drive. I offered to walk the test drive route but John thought it was too hot for that since it was still 110 in the shade! He thought the better choice was to drive the test route, so we hopped in the car for a brief spin.

Unfortunately, we failed to notice that with the ins and outs, Petey was out. We realized that we'd left him out when we pulled back in the driveway and he was sitting on the back porch. When we got out of the car, Petey tore of the back porch to us, barking his head off. That dog was mad. He wasn't barking his "get of my property, stranger" bark. It was quite different, and quite angry. He was so mad, that he wouldn't stay in the same room with us the rest of the night. We were forgiven by bedtime since he got in the bed with us.

For the record, the glasses were found once I convinced John to walk the test drive route. They were in a small grassy patch on the side of the road totally unscratched and unbent!