Sunday, November 4, 2012

You Won't Believe This One!

John is actively saving Petey's life right now, as I blog.  John is saving Petey from me by doing laundry.  Otherwise Petey's life might be in real danger.  Allow me to explain.

John and I had been to a neighbor's house a couple of streets over.  Since it was such a short distance we opted to walk.  I wore some heavy athletic pants since there is a bit of a chill in the air once again.  Our neighbor has a sweet little dog that greeted us warmly and continued to make us feel welcome by sitting in our laps.  John even gave the dog a belly rub.

We had a nice visit with our friends and walked back home.  I decided to change pants since I didn't need such heavy pants in the house.  I left the pants in the floor for a moment while I was putting on the others.  Petey went over and gave them a good sniffing.

As he siffed, I explained that there had been another dog at the house and that John had even given her a belly rub.  Petey decided that the only thing to do was to PEE ON MY PANTS.  Yes, Petey peed on my pants in the bedroom floor while I was STANDING RIGHT THERE! Petey did not care that I was yelling at him to stop.  It was much more important for him to mark his territory.

Hearing all of the commotion, John decided to investigate.  He promptly offered to wash the pants for me, thus saving Petey's life.  

***Honestly, I'm not really mad at Petey.  I'm stunned and I'm wondering what else we are in for.  He's an old dog and has always done things his own way.  I think it will only get worse from here.***