Sunday, November 29, 2009

Petey the Tattle Tale, Again

Last night John got the Christmas tree lights out. Even though they are the type that are supposed to burn even if a light is out, they don't. So, John strung them through the kitchen, dining room and living room, so he could methodically check each and every bulb. They are worth the extra trouble, because they have several settings where they blink in different patterns.

While he was involved in that little task, I went to the bathroom. While I was taking care of business, Petey burst in to the room, with his best "Timmy's in the Well" look on his face. I was fairly sure that Petey was somehow upset with something John was doing, and John was not in any grave danger so I continued to do what I was doing. This caused Petey to have to run in and out of the bathroom several times a top speed, since I was not following him. I started asking him what the problem was in a very distressed sort of way which resulted in the poor dog just about turning circles in the bathroom. When I finally, followed him down the hall, him at top speed and me at my normal pace, requiring him to run back & forth to between me and the disaster, he looked at the lights and then me. It was as if he was saying "See what is going on here!"

I explained to Petey that I understood what was happening, and that it was really OK. By this time, Petey was near hysterics, so he had to go out. I don't know if he was giving himself a chance to calm down, punishing us, or just getting the heck out, since we'd been warned of the grave danger and were to silly to leave. Anyway, he went out briefly and then came back in a little calmer, but still quite upset.

I asked John if he'd been fussing at the lights or done anything to upset Petey. He said he had not said anything that might have been upsetting to the dog. He was quite calm (John that is) but clearly he had done something, neither of us knew exactly what.

When Petey came back in, he got on the couch, where he could see the lights all the way back in to the kitchen, and he sighed... repeatedly... great heaving, heavy sighs. For the life of me, I don't know what the problem was with the lights. I finally covered up Petey's head where he couldn't see the lights. He sighed a few more times, but then I'm pretty sure he dozed off.

The lights are on the tree now. That seems to be perfectly fine with him.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

Living with Petey is a lot like living with a toddler. He's a lot smaller than us, he doesn't speak the language yet finds ways to communicate and understands a lot of what we say, he takes naps and he loves Christmas!!

He's not to keen on the chaos created by getting out the decorations each year. He enjoys them once they are up, but his most favorite part is the presents!! He loves it when we come in the house after shopping. He wants to see each and every time brought it in. I'm not kidding, he'll get all the way inside the bag to make sure that he's seen everything in it. Much like a toddler, we have to make sure he doesn't suffocate in there. He loves gift wrapping and loves unwrapping even more. OK, so I'm not so sure if he really likes the wrapping so much as he knows the unwrapping is on the way!!

He is quite good to leave the gifts alone once they are under the tree, but if he gets any indication whatsoever that it is time to open the gifts, he's Johnny on the Spot. He is ready, willing and able to assist anyone at any time unwrap a gift.

If he could write I'm sure he'd be marking the days off on the calendar until gift opening time.

Merry Christmas from Petey!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Petey was a Good Boy

Petey was a very good boy yesterday. After he got through barking because people knocked on the door, he relaxed and tolerated everyone just fine. He was so good, I fed him a little turkey from the table and put some leftovers in his bowl. That was good, but the best part for him was when his blankets and beds got put back in the living room.

I had just left everything in the dryer on Wednesday because I knew I wouldn't be needing the dryer and it was as good a place as any to keep the stuff. Yesterday afternoon after everyone left, I got the blankets & snuggi out of the dryer. A happier dog has never been seen. I dumped them all on the love seat with the intention of putting each blanket in the proper place, but Petey was up in the middle of them the second they hit the seat. Rather than pulling them out from under him, I let him enjoy the moment. After a little while, about 2 hours probably, I was able to string the blankets back out across the living room in the normal state of disarray that Petey likes so well.

He's on the couch now up against his pillows, under the blue blanket and the snuggi close at hand in case he needs more softness & warmth.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Petey

Petey has been very busy lately conning us out of treat, peeing in the floor, taking rides in the car, and shaking from the bitter, bitter cold. John and I have been busy too, and haven't had a chance to record his antics here.

One of the things John & I have been doing, is preparing for the family Thanksgiving feast at our house this year. The humans are hustling & bustling around getting the house clean and turkey ready. Petey does not like it one bit. He knows the signs of company and they do not make him happy. First and foremost, his blankets & beds get washed. Some of them are even removed from their sacred positions until the company has left. This does not make Petey want company. Right now, he's under the computer table shaking. He has no better place to be. All but two of his living room beds are not there, and the snuggi is gone too!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Petey Goes to Work

Due to way too many circumstances to explain, I had to work late tonight, so Petey went with me. He didn't like it much. There were too many people there that wanted to pet him. Here we are at my desk. As you can tell, I was able to get a lot of work done with him there!