Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brain Concussion

 Our back door has the hinges on the right and opens on the left.  Petey has this habit of putting his head right up against the left side of the door so that he can rush out the second the door is open.  Perhaps he is concerned that we'll change our minds about letting him out during the door opening process and he has to make it out quickly.  Perhaps it is a strong desire to be the line leader.  Perhaps he wants to check for danger before we exit the building.  Who ever knows with Petey.  We are accustomed to this little quirk (along with all the rest) and think very little of it.

Recently we went to my mother's house and took Petey with us.  Her front door opens the opposite way.  The hinges are on the left and opens on the right.  Petey did not notice this slight change in architecture.  He recognized the signs of us leaving and immediately put his head in position to zip right out the door as soon as it opened. 

Only this time there was one small problem. The door didn't open on that side and he bashed his head.  We don't really think he got a brain concussion but he took a pretty good knock on the old noggin.  It didn't knock any sense in to him either.  I'm really sorry we didn't have a video camera to capture the moment.  I'm sure it would have gone viral.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion

I blogged about trying to brush Petey's teeth some time ago.  This afternoon this comment popped up in response to that post.  I have deleted the brand name, because they aren't paying me to advertise for them.

"X Brand toothbrush can help you make a clean sweep of mouth bacteria. Oral hygiene is important when you want to keep your smile bright, your teeth and gums healthy, and your breath fresh."

OK.  Thanks.  Good to know.  I'll tell Pete, after I get up off the floor from laughing so hard.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Let the Flea Wars Begin

Poor Petey has always struggled with fleas.  It is like they are more drawn to him that any other animal outside.  This time of year we constantly battle the fleas to keep Petey comfortable.

Earlier this week we gave Petey a bath and put a flea treatment on.  It was one of those 'better than Frontline' types.  I can't recall the name right now.  We thought we were ahead of the game but we were wrong.

Last night we got four fleas off that poor animal.  Four, count them, four fleas.  He was miserable.  He was so miserable that he didn't object to our dousing the fleas with lotion to drown them while they were still on him.  It had the added benefit of making his skin nice & soft too.

John then put flea spray all around his neck.  The hope is that will create another barrier for those vile pests.  Pete's been a lot calmer toda - I think I hear the tale tell thumping of a paw, that can only mean scratching - the war is not over!