Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas from Petey

...and Petey was nestled all snug in his our the bed, while visions of bacon treats danced in his head...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

You Won't Believe This One!

John is actively saving Petey's life right now, as I blog.  John is saving Petey from me by doing laundry.  Otherwise Petey's life might be in real danger.  Allow me to explain.

John and I had been to a neighbor's house a couple of streets over.  Since it was such a short distance we opted to walk.  I wore some heavy athletic pants since there is a bit of a chill in the air once again.  Our neighbor has a sweet little dog that greeted us warmly and continued to make us feel welcome by sitting in our laps.  John even gave the dog a belly rub.

We had a nice visit with our friends and walked back home.  I decided to change pants since I didn't need such heavy pants in the house.  I left the pants in the floor for a moment while I was putting on the others.  Petey went over and gave them a good sniffing.

As he siffed, I explained that there had been another dog at the house and that John had even given her a belly rub.  Petey decided that the only thing to do was to PEE ON MY PANTS.  Yes, Petey peed on my pants in the bedroom floor while I was STANDING RIGHT THERE! Petey did not care that I was yelling at him to stop.  It was much more important for him to mark his territory.

Hearing all of the commotion, John decided to investigate.  He promptly offered to wash the pants for me, thus saving Petey's life.  

***Honestly, I'm not really mad at Petey.  I'm stunned and I'm wondering what else we are in for.  He's an old dog and has always done things his own way.  I think it will only get worse from here.***

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Breaking the Rules

We know quite well how important it is in this household to follow the rules.  One of the most important rules is for all things to be done decently and in order.  Petey does not cope well with changes in his well ordered world.  We learned that lesson once again last night.

Before  relating the story from last night, it is important to know what the evening routine should be.  Petey goes to bed first, preferably about 9:00.  Earlier is better and later will be tolerated but not past 10:00.  Then he goes to bed alone.  Lori goes to bed second.  She is allowed to read until such time that John goes to bed.  That is that.  It works quite well so there is no reason at all for things to change.

Somehow the earth tilted on its axis or there was a wrinkle in the universe because last night John went to bed first, and went to sleep.  Petey hurriedly got in bed.  He was upset that he'd been beaten to bed.  What's worse was that John was in Petey's 'starting position.'  He moves to the center when Lori gets in the bed.  Petey's only option was to get in Lori's place.  This is when the trouble really started.

Lori seemed to think that she should get in the bed, in her spot.  Petey did not.  Petey repeatedly snapped and snarled at Lori every time she tried to get in the bed.  The fracas woke up John.  He tried to hold Petey still long enough for Lori to get in to the bed.  It took several attempts as Petey was snapping and snarling at John.  Petey was just plain mad about the situation.

Lori finally got in the bed and no one was bleeding.  Petey found a nice spot on John's back between his shoulder blades that needed to be licked.  So, Petey set out to licking that spot at a frantic pace.  When he was finally dissuaded from licking that spot, there was an equally good spot on Lori's back.

Finally, Petey was pushed completely under the cover at their feet so that they could get to sleep.  Apparently, this was far too hot for Petey.  He got out from under the cover and positioned himself between their heads panting like he'd been on the Sahara Desert.

Lori gave up and went to the couch.  John and Petey spent a restful night in the bed.  This will NOT happen again, not on Petey's watch.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Couch

During John's single years he bought himself a lovely camel backed sofa.  It was a tone on tone white/ecru. It was quite lovely and suitable for a man living alone.  Knowing that he wouldn't be alone all of the time he purchased an extended cleaning plan, sort of like scotch guard kicked up a notch.  Be forewarned, those plans are only good when the business from whom it is purchased continues to actually be in business.

The couch was maintained and in quite good condition in spite of the cleaning folks no longer operating, until several months ago.  The couch was showing age just as all furniture does when it is used, but was still quite serviceable until Petey decided to make it his personal toilet. 

When Petey started peeing on the couch we tried everything we could think of several times and then tried a few more things.  We used the training pads; we used positive reinforcement when he peed outside; we scolded; we cajoled.  We used pet odor eliminator; we used febreeze; we used oust; we used all three!  We barricaded.  At one point the barriers were so elaborate we could hardly get to the couch.  I'm surprised engineering students didn't come study it.  Nothing, I say, nothing worked.  Petey still peed on the couch.

It didn't matter how much or how often we scrubbed and cleaned the couch, floor, and rug.  It smelled like pee in the living room.  We were embarrassed for people to come over.  There was always an underlying odor of urine.  Forget about laying on the couch to watch TV, at least not without a gas mask.

So last weekend we actually drug the couch outside and scrubbed it with ammonia and sprayed it with the hose.  God helped us by sending rain in the night to further saturate the couch.  After another 24 hours outside detoxing, we decided it was time to bring the couch back inside.

While the couch was outside we scrubbed down the living room, even getting to those pesky cobwebs in the corners.  When the couch was back inside in the living room, it was glorious.  The living room was all clean and shiny and the only scent was the lavender diffuser on the end table.  (Cue the harp music..laaa...)

That lasted overnight.  The next morning when we we walked in to the living room.  We were met with this:

 That isn't a left over water mark from the scrubbing.  It is Petey pee.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Petey and P90X

I (Lori) started doing the P90X workout & nutrition plan on October 1.  John and I discussed it.  Initially, he planned to do it also but changed his mind for some very good reasons.  He's always been the smart one.  Even though, John and I discussed it and agreed, we failed to mention this to Petey.  When will we learn?

Petey does not like the P90X workout at all.  He could care less about the nutrition plan, but he cannot stand for me to be jumping around in the living room.  I've tried sneaking in there while he's asleep in another room but I always get busted.  For some unknown reason it is not allowed for him to be in another room while I work out.  It must be against the Petey code. 

For some of the routines, I must lay in the floor.  This is a real affront to Petey.  Every time I get in the floor he comes over and licks my face frantically.  I don't think I am displaying signs of unconsciousness or any distress that might require constant face licking.  Until today, I thought that he liked the salty taste from the sweat perspiration glistening.

Today, when I refused to stop after the frantic licking, he flung himself down on his brown pillow in the living room.  He made sure that his back was to me.  Periodically, he would sigh and look over his shoulder to see if I knew he was shunning me.

As the day went along he finally forgave me.  The problem is, there is another workout tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beware of Vicious (cough, hack, wheeze, gag) Dog

Even though Petey is almost 16 human years old and has quite the grey head, he can still muster a vicious bark.  The kind that communicates that he'll rip your head off right here, right now.  It has always been amusing to me because he's so small.  The victims of this ferocity are much larger than him and could just punt him away.  So far none have.  Most are amused and go on about their business.  This was demonstrated most recently last week.

Our neighbor whose driveway is next to ours is out of town.  A woman that Petey never has liked came by to feed the cat.  (That may be why Petey doesn't like her.) Petey began his most vicious rant against her.  I (Lori) was in the house and John was outside.  Initially, I didn't do anything because I knew John would have the situation in hand.

The barking continued and seemed to get worse, so I decided to investigate.  When I went out on the back porch.  I saw John in our driveway with an amused look on his face.  This woman in the neighbor's driveway going about her business and Petey in our driveway giving the woman a good barking. Just about that time, Petey got strangled.

He turned around with his back to the woman.  He began to cough, hack, wheeze and gag worthy of a 911 call.  This went on for several seconds if not a minute or more.  BUT, as soon as Petey had cleared the pipes, he once again turned around and resumed his verbal assault of the woman.

The three humans had a big laugh and Petey was a little bewildered as to the humor. The woman actually offered Petey a treat after all of that.  Of course he snubbed her and the treat.  Who does she think she is being nice to him after all of that!

 I sorely wished that I had videoed the encounter.  I'm sure it would have gone viral on you-tube. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 Fleas!

Something has happened in our neighborhood to make the flea population grow exponentially of late.  Poor Petey.  Every time he comes in the house he must be de-flead immediately.  Yesterday, after one outing, I pulled off 6.  Later, after another trip outdoors, John pulled of 4.  That is a total of 10 fleas in one day.

We talked to the vet about it and were told that even the best flea treatments can take a couple of hours to kill a flea.  Petey can't take that.  He'd scratch himself into oblivion if he had to endure two hours of torture before a flea died.

He's enduring the humiliation a little better.  I think as smart as he is, he's figured out that he feels better once the inspections are complete.  He doesn't like them very much at all, but he'll stay still long enough for a good once over.  BUT, not twice.  We have to be quick and thorough!

I'm not one to long for the cold, but for Petey's sake I am looking forward to that first hard freeze.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beddie-bye for Petey-pie

Yesterday we attending a wedding that was over 2 hours away.  We were gone from the house from about 3:00 in the afternoon until after 10:00.  This is a very bad infraction of the Petey rules.  No one should be gone from the house that long.  Both people being gone is even worse.  Then we were gone waaaaaay past bedtime.  That is the perfect trifecta for Petey's ire.

On the way home we discussed just how much trouble we were in and what if anything could be done about it.  We wondered if we would be met at the back door, or if Petey had put himself to bed without us.  It really didn't matter since, either way we were in deep trouble.

We were met at the door, a little to our surprise since it was after 10:00.  Petey zipped outside to take care of business with the expectation that the three of us would go straight to bed.  He didn't dilly-dally outside.  He was out and back in quickly so as not to waste precious sleep time.  Little did he know that we had been listening to the Alabama game on the radio all the way home and that there were still a couple of minutes left in the game.

We rushed in to turn the TV on and actually watch the last few moments of the pounding the Tide was giving Michigan.  This was quite upsetting to Petey.  He spend the next few minutes as the game ended huffing and puffing at us as he walked down the hall to the bedroom and back.  He flung himself around the living room floor  to demonstrate that we should be laying down not sitting down.

As soon as the game was over, I (Lori) had mercy on the poor dog and went to bed.  John likes to watch the interviews and recaps at the end of the game and he would be several minutes getting to bed.  I thought if one of us went to bed that would be fine and Petey would settle down.  Oh no! 

Petey got in the bed alright, but that was all.  He was not settling down to sleep at all.  He started under the covers, but had to get on the pillows, then he had a very bad itch.  After that he decided the foot of the bed was more appealing and then back under the covers.  The itchies struck again and he had to be uncovered to take care of than.  On and on, round and round we went, much like a toddler delaying nap time.

I was a little tired from a long day and wanted to go to sleep.  I told him so and that if he didn't settle down he'd have to get up.  He got up.  I think he thought he was punishing me by not sleeping with. me.  He could have been going for John, but it didn't matter to me. I was glad.  I could finally get some sleep.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Night

Petey managed to stay in the bed without falling out last night.  He and I (Lori) went to bed first like we virtually always do.  He likes to get way down under the cover at about my midsection.  He was on his side with his paws facing me and apparently had a bad case of RLS.  I couldn't take the constant pitter-patter of little paws on my back.  I decided my best course of action was to move to the other side of the bed and work it out with John later.

I got up, walked around the bed, and got back in on the other side.  That way Petey's back would be next to me.  I could even snuggle against it because he has soft fur.  That worked for about 2 seconds.  I didn't time it, so I can't be sure.  As soon as I got settled, Petey flipped over so that those pointy paws were jabbing me repeatedly every few seconds.

I thought about getting back up and going back to my rightful side but then realized that I was a human and Petey was a dog.  He should be the one adjusting not me.  Just about the time I had that thought, he decided to move. He moved so that his head was on the pillow and out from under the cover but his body was still covered like people do. I had to laugh.  He doesn't know he's a dog.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Petey Fell Off the Bed

Last night about 11:45, as I lay dreaming, Petey fell out of the bed.  I felt him move, heard a yelp and then a thud.  I got up to check on him but he'd already high-tailed it out of the room.  Apparently, hugely embarrassed.  I found him in the living room on his brown pillow.  I felt of him and didn't feel anything out of place.  He decided to go out, which I thought was a good idea.  I watched him walk to the door and down the steps with no problem.  He scampered across the driveway, took care of business and came back up the steps.  No harm done.  He spent the rest of the night in the living room.  No harm done there either. The reason I am posting this is because of the dream I happened to be having at the time of the incident.

John and I were walking through a lovely landscaped area in northern Alabama.  There were lots and lots of pink crepe myrtles that were planted in a very artistic way.  He was lamenting that they shed so much and were hard to care for properly.  I was concerned for my shoes.  The area where we walked was not paved, but just lawn and my heels were sinking as I was wearing my favorite pair of dress shoes.  As we walked along, we realized that we were in a Civil War cemetery.  We began to look at the various monuments and headstones only to learn that this particular graveyard was for cats!  Yes, CATS!  Just about the time I realized where we were, I felt the move, heard the yelp followed by the thump. 

Anybody else think Petey knew what I was dreaming and was upset?  He certainly would not like me dreaming about cats, even dead ones.  Creepy, huh?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Petey, the Toddler

I have likened Petey to a toddler many times in this blog.  His selective hearing, need to be first, and general 'my way or the highway' attitude have all been discussed here.  Yesterday, I was reminded of another toddler like behavior that I don't think has been mentioned.  Be forewarned this is one of those subjects that isn't discussed in polite company.  That is Petey won't poop in front of us.

This is not a new behavior, but is just happened again and made me realize I don't think I've mentioned it before.  Much like a toddler hides to poop so does Petey.  Petey still goes outside, but he won't let us see him. 

Yesterday afternoon I let him out.  Since I was in the middle of something, I just opened the door for him and went back to finish what I was doing.  Then I went outside.  Initially, he had his back turned but I could tell he was doing the 'poop walk.'  I won't go in to detail.  I'll just say I recognized what was happening so I kept my distance.  For some reason he turned around.  He locked eyes with me and immediately stopped. 

I knew I'd messed up, so I told him I'd go around the corner of the house and wait.  It was too late.  He'd dashed behind the garage where I couldn't see him.  I did not follow because I knew what was going on and I didn't want to be the cause of any digestive upset caused from holding it too long.

In a bit, he came trotting up with a look of innocence on his face.  I think he thinks we don't know that he poops.  Whatever, I don't care.  As long as he keeps it outside.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Petey and the Vet

I (Lori) took Petey to the vet today.  He's been sort of lethargic lately and then the last couple of days has been having trouble walking.  He has a heart murmur so we've been warned to watch for the lethargy.  He also has arthritis in his back 'hip' joints.  We felt like the two things had flared up on him at once and he needed some help.  I mean really, the dog wasn't even grumpy.  It was like it was just too much trouble for him to get upset.

We were quite concerned.  We speculated as to what the prognosis would be and what sort of tests and/or procedures would be required.  We had that hard conversation about just how much time the old fellow had left and should we go for quality of life over quantity of years.  It wasn't a good evening, but it was a conversation that needed to happen.

I was alone to take Petey to the vet.  I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing.  I told Petey that we were going to the vet and the vet would make him feel better.  He let out a heavy sigh and wouldn't look at me in the car.  As if, he really knew what I said, but did not agree.  I also suggested that he behave but he was already ignoring me.  When we got there he would not get out of the car.  I had to carry him in.  He was a trembling mess when it was our turn to go back to the exam room.

On the exam table, it seemed that the important thing for him to do was to bury his head under my arm.  That was fine with me and the assistant.  As long as he was calm, we were OK.   He went willingly with her to the scale.  She had him walk so she could observe him.  It may be he thought she was taking him out of there.  Who knows?

They returned with the vet and another assistant.  I figured someone had read his chart and knew that the real Petey would show up any minute and reinforcements would be needed.  I suggested a muzzle since Petey had been snippy with us a time or two when we tried to check on his hips.  I also offered to leave,thinking he might behave a little better.  They agreed to the 'party hat' as the vet called the muzzle but said I should stay.

The assistant held Petey and the vet started her exam.  The second person merely observed and I answered questions as they arose.  Petey calmly stood and let the vet do her thing while casting woeful glances my direction.

Soon enough the exam was over and there was no request for x-rays or other extreme medical tests.  No discussion of end of life scenarios.  Even his heart murmur was the same as before.  It seems Petey has a type of worm caused most likely from swallowing a flea.  We were given some medication and sent home.

Petey was as good in the car on the way home as he has ever been in his whole life! I even went through the drive thru at the bank and he didn't mind.  (She didn't give him one of those nasty treats either, probably because she couldn't tell he was in the car.)  I gave him the medicine as soon as we got home.  He had a nice nap and now he's scurrying through the house like a young pup.

I have to shake my head at all of us.  John and me for thinking he was near death and Petey for acting like he was near death.  You'd think we'd learn.  We've lived with Petey long enough to know he's the drama dog.  Such is life with Petey.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It is HOT

It is hot here.  Actually, that is an understatement.  We are experiencing record breaking highs, not just for the day but all time record highs.  The afternoon temps are in the triple digits.  They have been for several days now and will be for several days more.
I am glad to finally not be cold but Petey is the creature most happy about this turn of events.   We can't keep the dog inside.  He's always loved melting in to the neighbor's black top driveway in the heat of the summer sun, but this is a whole new level.
The back-door to our house is on the west side of the house.  In the afternoon it always gets toasty warm in the summer.  The past few days the metal screen has been too hot to touch.  We've not latched the door so that it can just be pushed open.  Seriously, it is hot!
Petey, has insisted on going out and napping on the back porch right in the hot sun.  He'd lay there for hours if we'd let him.  We don't know why he's staying on the porch rather than going to the neighbor's driveway.  We think it might be his hips.  He doesn't like going up and down steps so much.  It matters not, he gets plenty of sun right there on the back porch.  It is closer to the sun too, since it is a little higher!
We are careful not to let him stay out more than about 20 minutes. We don't know if dogs can sunburn or not, but we do know they get heat stroke and heat exhaustion.  He'll come in when we make him.  He'll pant and carry on like he's just run 10 miles, but soon enough he's standing at the back-door wanting out again!
We stall him for as long as possible, but that dog is quite insistent.  We'll finally break down, let him out and the cycle starts over.  In fact, I think he's standing there now, looking forlorn, waiting for me to open the door.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brain Concussion

 Our back door has the hinges on the right and opens on the left.  Petey has this habit of putting his head right up against the left side of the door so that he can rush out the second the door is open.  Perhaps he is concerned that we'll change our minds about letting him out during the door opening process and he has to make it out quickly.  Perhaps it is a strong desire to be the line leader.  Perhaps he wants to check for danger before we exit the building.  Who ever knows with Petey.  We are accustomed to this little quirk (along with all the rest) and think very little of it.

Recently we went to my mother's house and took Petey with us.  Her front door opens the opposite way.  The hinges are on the left and opens on the right.  Petey did not notice this slight change in architecture.  He recognized the signs of us leaving and immediately put his head in position to zip right out the door as soon as it opened. 

Only this time there was one small problem. The door didn't open on that side and he bashed his head.  We don't really think he got a brain concussion but he took a pretty good knock on the old noggin.  It didn't knock any sense in to him either.  I'm really sorry we didn't have a video camera to capture the moment.  I'm sure it would have gone viral.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion

I blogged about trying to brush Petey's teeth some time ago.  This afternoon this comment popped up in response to that post.  I have deleted the brand name, because they aren't paying me to advertise for them.

"X Brand toothbrush can help you make a clean sweep of mouth bacteria. Oral hygiene is important when you want to keep your smile bright, your teeth and gums healthy, and your breath fresh."

OK.  Thanks.  Good to know.  I'll tell Pete, after I get up off the floor from laughing so hard.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Let the Flea Wars Begin

Poor Petey has always struggled with fleas.  It is like they are more drawn to him that any other animal outside.  This time of year we constantly battle the fleas to keep Petey comfortable.

Earlier this week we gave Petey a bath and put a flea treatment on.  It was one of those 'better than Frontline' types.  I can't recall the name right now.  We thought we were ahead of the game but we were wrong.

Last night we got four fleas off that poor animal.  Four, count them, four fleas.  He was miserable.  He was so miserable that he didn't object to our dousing the fleas with lotion to drown them while they were still on him.  It had the added benefit of making his skin nice & soft too.

John then put flea spray all around his neck.  The hope is that will create another barrier for those vile pests.  Pete's been a lot calmer toda - I think I hear the tale tell thumping of a paw, that can only mean scratching - the war is not over!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Petey, The Republican

Earlier this evening there was a knock on our front door.  John answered.  I heard the exchange of men's voices, a "no thanks" from John and a pleasant farewell by the young man at the door.  I couldn't understand anything else to know what the exchange was actually about.

I automatically assumed a young college man was selling something door to door working his way through school.  I thought perhaps we could have purchased something from the industrious fellow.

I asked John what he was selling.  John told me that he was not selling anything but collecting funds for the democratic party.  The second he heard that, Petey launched himself off the couch with great fury, like he used to do when someone knocked on the door.  We went to great lengths to keep people from knocking on the door to avoid scenes such as this.

Petey puffed his fur up to its greatest volume to make himself as ferocious as possible.  He barked and growled as he scurried around the living room looking for any trace of that intruder like he was going to rip his head off.  Petey was completely calm and quiet up until that point, so we can only assume that he's a republican.  We didn't know dogs held political beliefs.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Petey, The Music Critic

I feel compelled to preface this post with a little walk down memory lane.  I think it will make a little more sense that way.  Who knows though?  I'm not sure how often I ever make sense.

When I was a little girl, on Sunday afternoons after church, Daddy would play gospel music on the stereo.  This was in the days of LPs.  (LP stands for Long Playing record.  They were played on a turntable at 33 1/3 rpm, as opposed to 45s.) We had a very nice stereo so that several LPs  could be stacked.  Once one album was finished another would drop down and play until the entire stack had fallen.  It was really cool.

I have memories of hearing Tennessee Ernie Ford and his deep, rich voice singing some of the old majestic hymns.  Among my favorites were "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder" and "Whispering Hope."  For some time, I've been looking for those songs on various music venues on line but have not been successful.  So, for Christmas this year, my mother cleaned out the old albums and allowed all of us to take those we wanted.

I was so happy to see that those two songs were on one album and snatched it right up.  There was another album by old Ernie that I  took along with a Pat Boone, The Plainsmen, and two compilation albums.  I didn't get to listen to them right away because the turntable wasn't in working order.  We don't often use it now.

I also didn't feel like subjecting John to the music.  His preferences run towards classic rock, like that of the 1970's not 1950's and 1960's gospel music.  (My coveted album is dated 1962.)  When I realized that John was going to be out of the house for several hours and that the turntable was working, yesterday seemed like the perfect time to see if my memories were accurate.

I first put on the album with my two favorites.  It was just like I remembered.  Funny thing, of all the songs on the album those two seemed to have the most skips.  Maybe they were Daddy's favorites too, and we listened to them the most.

What does this have to do with Petey?  At this point, he was resting calmly on his big brown pillow which happens to be directly in front of the sound system.  He continued to calmly rest there seemingly content to listen along with me.

Petey and I listened to and enjoyed both of the Tennessee Ernie Ford albums a couple of times.  Then I decided to give the Plainsmen a spin.  Let's just  say the first song did not suit my musical taste.  I was not at all offended and somewhat amused when Petey made a beeline for the back door.  I let him out while they twanged on, hoping it would get better.  It didn't.  I left the back door propped open because I didn't want to miss hearing him scratch while listening to my music.

I scanned the album cover for a favorite song.  I found one and moved the stylus over to that song.  My thinking was that maybe I'd enjoy them more listening to a song I already liked.  I was wrong.  It was worse. I took the Plainsmen off the turn table.  I looked at the compilation albums.  One had the Plainsmen on it, so I decided against both of them and gave Pat Boone a try.

Pat was good.  Once Petey heard that Pat was on, he came trip-tropping back in the house and took his place on the big brown pillow.  In fact, I think he preferred Pat.  He could have gone anywhere in the house.  He could have stayed outside, but he curled up on the pillow and listened along with me.

Petey's hearing isn't what it used to be.  But he knows good music when he hears it.  And he knows bad.  He's not going to waste any of his hearing on bad music.  I can't say as I blame him.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brushing Petey's Teeth

In short, it ain't happening.

We can't figure out how to make it work with him.  We've tried several times, but to no avail.  The other night, John had Petey in his lap trying to use the fingertip brush, but Petey would not allow it.  He had is little doggie lips clamped shut and would turn his head.  I wish we had a video of that because he looked much like a toddler refusing to eat peas.

This particular night John was determined to make it happen and insisted that we take Petey on the back porch where he thought we'd have more leverage.  This was because we trim his toenails out there.   We tried a couple of times, but John never so much as got his finger under Pete's lips. 

I'm trying to gradually introduce the toothbrush still.  It may never work but this won't be so traumatic for us or him.  Yesterday I got him to chew on the toothbrush a bit after rubbing it in the meat drippings left on my plate.  I pushed too hard though when I put a dab of toothpaste on the brush and then added the drippings.  He was finished.  I'm not.

I think if I keep giving him the toothbrush to chew over time we can work up to actual toothpaste and then moving it around.  We'll see.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Petey has finished the antibiotics and seems pretty much back to his old self.  John and I just got back from a much needed beach trip.  While we were there the only souvenir we got was a canine teeth cleaning kit for Petey.

I opened it while telling Petey it was his and how much he was going to like it.  He did like the toothbrush a lot.  He chewed on it for a good while.  I put a little of the toothpaste on my finger and he licked that right off, but didn't seem to care for another taste.  He would have nothing to do with the fingertip gum massager.

One step at a time.  I'll let him chew on the toothbrush again tonight.  If that goes well, tomorrow, I might put a little toothpaste on it and see what happens.  One day before too long, I might actually be blogging about brushing his teeth.  Maybe.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Humans Here Are Nuts

Hi. Petey here. I fear the humans in the house have lost their minds. It started with the female. She saw blood on my hind quarters the other day and looked and looked at me to find the bleeding. Failing that, she went on a quest to find what was making the blood like stain on my white fur. She washed my bed and blankets thinking they had some thing in them staining me. What a silly woman. Now, I have to get my fur back on them and scent them just the way I like them. Although, I confess I like it when she gets them out of that warming box, but I digress.

I continue to torture the male with my hunger strikes. He goes through all sorts of gyrations to get me to eat. He just doesn't get it. I don't want it. It doesn't matter what sort of "food" he puts in front of me I.DON'T.WANT.IT! I don't care if he heats it. I don't care if he mixes in some of his food. I'm not going to eat until I'm good and ready he can just get over it.

Then, the two of them ganged up on me on Saturday night. They looked in my mouth and saw blood. As if, I didn't have the situation firmly in hand by not eating and wiping the blood on my fur, they took me to the vet! THE VET!! This quack decided I need to be on antibiotics. Huh! That's what they think. They can cajole, beg and plead all they want. I am not taking those pills, not, not, not!

The woman even got my peanut butter out. Yes, I have my own jar of peanut butter. She seems to think that she's tricking me in to taking the pills by slipping one in the PB after giving me a few licks. She's so silly. I've been on to her game all along. After all, I have my own jar of peanut butter. But this time, I'm not caving. I'm not falling for their little tricks.

I heard them discussing forcing it down. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm sure I'm not going to like it. I'm going to hide out under the computer table. They'll never find me here.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Before & After

I admit the first picture is staged. I don't usually take pictures of the bed. I had made the bed and went in to the other room Soon Petey walked in and jumped on the bed. I heard all sorts of scratching and carrying on coming from the bedroom. I went to investigate and found Petey on the bed. I don't know how he got the pillows around him like that.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Petey's Morning Nap

Petey apparently takes a nice nap every morning after the house is empty. We had suspected so, but didn't know for sure. Two recent events however, confirmed our suspicions.

First a couple of weeks ago I had to come home for something in the middle of the morning. I gave very serious consideration as to if I really, truly needed to come home or not. I knew I'd be violating the Petey Rule of only leaving once a day. Also, since the trip home would be a quick stop & go in rapid succession it would be even worse. After consideration, I knew I had to do it. I would make up for it with extra treats.

So, I got home and was a bit surprised that I was not greeted at the back door with great enthusiasm nor was I met with sinister barking, just a resounding silence. I tiptoed through the house and got what I needed. I saw that Petey was still under the covers in the bed just where I'd left him over two hours before. I was honestly concerned that ole Pete might not be with us anymore, so I gingerly pulled back the covers. I didn't want to wake him and expose my rule breaking ways, but I couldn't just let him stay there if my worst fears were confirmed. I watched carefully until I saw the deep breathing and then slipped the covers back in place and tiptoed back out. Whew! Petey would never know.

Since that time, I had a bout with a little bug that required me to stay home from work and in the bed. Let's just say that Petey was mad. He made it very clear that I was messing up his routine. He wanted in the bed and he wanted in the bed alone. It didn't matter to him how I was feeling. I was not supposed to be in the bed. He kept coming back to the bedroom. When he would find me still in the bed, he would let out a heavy sigh and meander out of the room. After several times of this, I had mercy on the poor dog. I decided I felt well enough to lay on the couch. Once I did that and Petey got the bed, life was much better for both of us.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who's In Charge Here?

Petey has claimed the recliner now as his own. John knows better than to fight it. Not only has he started napping on the love seat. He's been putting a blanket in the recliner. On Sunday he even moved Petey's stairs in front of the recliner. Of course, that could have been a defensive move on John's part. Petey hates those stairs. He's quite insulted by the thought the he might need help jumping on the furniture.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Petey!!!

Today is Petey's birthday. He is 15 years old. He is counting the days until he gets his learners' permit. LOL!

He's an old man in dog terms. He has grey hair and arthritis, but he still rules the household with a firm paw. He romps up and down the hall whenever he wants to. If he doesn't want to, he won't and no amount of coaxing helps.

He snuggles in any place warm and claims that territory for his own. He fights for his territory and he wins.

He begs shamelessly for bacon treats. Sometimes he'll lower himself to eat another flavor, but still has a clear preference for the bacon treats. Admittedly, we don't ration the bacon treats as we once did. We figure age has privileges.

Happy birthday to the old man. We're glad to have him with us.