Friday, November 8, 2013

The Recliner is Haunted!

The other night John remembered the times when he had a rare sleepless night in which he would get up and go to the recliner to see if he could rest there.  Whenever that happened, Petey would get up from wherever he was sleeping and go check on John.  He always had to keep tabs on his people.

Petey would arrive in the living room just about the time John would get relaxed.  Petey had to get in the recliner with John and squeeze himself between John and the arm of the recliner.  He'd work and work to make himself comfortable.  Usually about the time they both got settled again, Petey would remember that half of the bed was empty and make a beeline to the bedroom to get in John's spot.  Thus, disturbing John once again.

We had a nice chuckle at the memory of Petey's little quirks and went to sleep.  A couple of hours later John woke up.  He was wide awake and unable to settle down to get back to sleep so he went to the recliner.  He went to sleep there.  Petey still came and disturbed his rest.  John dreamed repeatedly about Petey. 

He has some pleasant dreams about him in his prime before his face turned so white with age.  He has some unpleasant dreams in which he was looking and looking for Petey but could not find him.  When he woke up he made a beeline back for the bed!

It looks like recliner sleeping just isn't going to happen for John.

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Wee Bit Jealous

I've been noticing lots of dogs in our neighborhood lately out for walks or runs with their owners.  I'm sure that there are no more dogs out than there were about a month ago; I'm just noticing them more now.  I'm not crying when I see dogs so much any more.  I've moved on to the jealousy stage of grief.  (Is there one of those?)

I'm jealous of those owners who are so loved by their animals.   I knew that love once and now it is gone.  There is nothing quite like the love of a dog.  They are always glad to see their owners.  Unless like Petey, the suddenly remember that they've been left alone, then they pout for a while.

They are always forgiving and gentle.  Unless they are Petey and have just been given a snuggi or pet steps or a treat that wasn't a bacon treat.  We eventually got forgiveness and didn't do it again.

They like to snuggle, or is it take up the whole bed.  I never understood how a 12 lb dog could take up more room in a bed than two full grown humans!

OK.  So, it wasn't always a bed of roses with Petey.  But that is what made him so unique.  And I still miss him and his affection whenever and however he decided to dole it out.