Friday, May 13, 2011

Petey's Mellowing?!?

Petey's new friend. Most unlike Petey when this child came to our house he allowed her to pet him. He even rolled over and went for the belly rub!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Petey, The Nearsighted Protector?

Monday was John's first day out of school on the break between spring and summer semesters. I knew this, John knew this, but sadly no one told Petey. Monday morning, I got up as usual since I have real job that does not give extended breaks every few months. Petey, as usual, hopped up in the bed in my spot. John was already up, so nothing seemed any different to him. I left for work, leaving Petey in the bed as usual.

Sometime later in the morning John decided to work in the yard. He left the door propped open in case Petey decided to wander out at some point. And at some point he did. He immediately realized that an unknown interloper was in the back yard. He went on full alert, puffing himself up as much as his little 12 lb body would allow, and barking his best 'I'll rip your head off' bark and set off at a full charge against this imminent danger in the back yard.

John turned to see what had caused Petey such distress, but saw nothing between the two of them. As Petey rushed ever nearer, John asked what the problem was. Petey paused for only the briefest of moments and charged past John in to the neighboring yard continuing to bark his fiercest bark and puffing his body to its most terrifying size, after a danger John never saw.

After a bit, he came trotting back the conquering hero. Now we are left with the dilemma -
* Was John in very serious danger which was invisible to him and Petey saved his life?
* Did Petey try to cover his mistake, and maybe embarrassment, of barking at John by barking at nothing in another yard, thereby covering up?

We're taking a vote. What do you think?
Real danger
Real clever

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

In the neighbor's driveway because it is black top and holds the heat!

Sorry about the shot, I was trying to use telephoto so as not to disturb him. I need more practice with that.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Last night John & I had to go to a graduation banquet like we do every spring. We came home from work as usual and followed our typical routine and all was well.

Then we started changing in to our extra nice clothes for the evening and all was not well. Petey noticed John changing clothes and came rushing to tell me and saw me changing clothes. That was more than he could take. I tried to explain that we'd be home about bedtime but he skulked out of the room all dejected.

I walked in to the living room later and found this:
It is his position when someone is gone. From this vantage point he can see the driveway and easily meet the wayward one at the door upon their return. He knew what was happening and decided to be prepared, or maybe make us feel bad for leaving!

IDK if he stayed there the whole time we were gone or not. He met us at the door when we came home.