Monday, September 29, 2014

A Year without Petey

Tomorrow marks one year since Petey crossed the rainbow bridge.  It is not lost on me that I am having surgery tomorrow for hip replacement, and Petey's hips are what finally did him in.  What is lost on me is something clever to say about it.  :)

A lot has happened in a year:
  • We have chickens.  We don't think Petey would like them.  They aren't quite as cuddly and not nearly as smart as Petey.
  • Every plant that we have put on Petey's undisclosed burial site has died.  Is there a meaning there?  I don't know.
  • We have done a lot of traveling, as we are true empty nesters now.
Some things have not changed:
  • We find Petey fur on furniture that has been vacuumed more than once during the year.
  • We still talk about Petey and wonder what he would think about various things, like the aforementioned chickens.
  • We still miss him.
Petey was such a big presence in our lives that we will probably always miss him.  It is now with a laugh rather than a sigh.  In fact, I am smiling as I type.  I am glad that we had Petey for as long as we did and I am glad that he still makes me smile.