Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Nap

It is a long established habit on my (Lori) part to take a Sunday afternoon nap.  Petey accompanies me due to a very strict rule on his part that no one naps alone.  A typical Sunday is for us to come home from church and I nap fairly quickly after that.  Often we find Petey asleep when we get home but due to his aforementioned very strict rule he still naps with me.

Today, however, was slightly different.  I had a little project that I needed to move along.  So, I worked on it rather than heading straight for the bed.  I knew I would only be 20 or 30 minutes later getting to snooze-town and would get a full nap in.  But, I forgot to tell Petey.

Petey did not like this arrangement.  Petey was ready for a nap and didn't care who knew.  He was quite persistent in coming to get me and then going to the bed.  He did this several times and each time I explained that I would be there a little later.  He could not wait.