Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Humans Here Are Nuts

Hi. Petey here. I fear the humans in the house have lost their minds. It started with the female. She saw blood on my hind quarters the other day and looked and looked at me to find the bleeding. Failing that, she went on a quest to find what was making the blood like stain on my white fur. She washed my bed and blankets thinking they had some thing in them staining me. What a silly woman. Now, I have to get my fur back on them and scent them just the way I like them. Although, I confess I like it when she gets them out of that warming box, but I digress.

I continue to torture the male with my hunger strikes. He goes through all sorts of gyrations to get me to eat. He just doesn't get it. I don't want it. It doesn't matter what sort of "food" he puts in front of me I.DON'T.WANT.IT! I don't care if he heats it. I don't care if he mixes in some of his food. I'm not going to eat until I'm good and ready he can just get over it.

Then, the two of them ganged up on me on Saturday night. They looked in my mouth and saw blood. As if, I didn't have the situation firmly in hand by not eating and wiping the blood on my fur, they took me to the vet! THE VET!! This quack decided I need to be on antibiotics. Huh! That's what they think. They can cajole, beg and plead all they want. I am not taking those pills, not, not, not!

The woman even got my peanut butter out. Yes, I have my own jar of peanut butter. She seems to think that she's tricking me in to taking the pills by slipping one in the PB after giving me a few licks. She's so silly. I've been on to her game all along. After all, I have my own jar of peanut butter. But this time, I'm not caving. I'm not falling for their little tricks.

I heard them discussing forcing it down. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm sure I'm not going to like it. I'm going to hide out under the computer table. They'll never find me here.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Before & After

I admit the first picture is staged. I don't usually take pictures of the bed. I had made the bed and went in to the other room Soon Petey walked in and jumped on the bed. I heard all sorts of scratching and carrying on coming from the bedroom. I went to investigate and found Petey on the bed. I don't know how he got the pillows around him like that.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Petey's Morning Nap

Petey apparently takes a nice nap every morning after the house is empty. We had suspected so, but didn't know for sure. Two recent events however, confirmed our suspicions.

First a couple of weeks ago I had to come home for something in the middle of the morning. I gave very serious consideration as to if I really, truly needed to come home or not. I knew I'd be violating the Petey Rule of only leaving once a day. Also, since the trip home would be a quick stop & go in rapid succession it would be even worse. After consideration, I knew I had to do it. I would make up for it with extra treats.

So, I got home and was a bit surprised that I was not greeted at the back door with great enthusiasm nor was I met with sinister barking, just a resounding silence. I tiptoed through the house and got what I needed. I saw that Petey was still under the covers in the bed just where I'd left him over two hours before. I was honestly concerned that ole Pete might not be with us anymore, so I gingerly pulled back the covers. I didn't want to wake him and expose my rule breaking ways, but I couldn't just let him stay there if my worst fears were confirmed. I watched carefully until I saw the deep breathing and then slipped the covers back in place and tiptoed back out. Whew! Petey would never know.

Since that time, I had a bout with a little bug that required me to stay home from work and in the bed. Let's just say that Petey was mad. He made it very clear that I was messing up his routine. He wanted in the bed and he wanted in the bed alone. It didn't matter to him how I was feeling. I was not supposed to be in the bed. He kept coming back to the bedroom. When he would find me still in the bed, he would let out a heavy sigh and meander out of the room. After several times of this, I had mercy on the poor dog. I decided I felt well enough to lay on the couch. Once I did that and Petey got the bed, life was much better for both of us.