Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from Petey

Here's a clip of Petey opening his gifts this year.

He hopes that everyone had as good a Christmas as he did!

Sorry, the video is not showing up. I don't know where the problem is. It could be the file is just too large.

Petey got a box of doggie Christmas cookies, that are even more repulsive than those things he gets at the bank. If I ever get the video clip installed you'll be able to see how he carries them in his teeth without his lips touching. He was quite excited about them until he got the first taste, and he has not messed with them even though they've been left in the floor near his ring bed.

He also got some stairs to help him get on the couch. That was the dog equivalent of socks & underwear apparently. Even after we got them put together and in front of the couch he'd have nothing to do with them. We think maybe he's insulted.

He also got three bacon treats, and was able to assist us in opening our gifts. That made him a happy boy.

I'll keep working on the clip.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Moment for Misha

On Monday, my good friend from work Linda presented me & Petey this lovely Christmas gift. Linda and her dog Misha had made it for us over the weekend. Isn't it adorable!

Linda's job was to tie the treats on in a artful way. Misha's job was to sit patiently and wait for Linda to give her the broken or otherwise unsuitable treats. Much like what I am required to do when I'm baking and have a broken cookie. Someone has to eat it. It was a very sweet gift and one the both Petey and I appreciate very much. Petey appreciated it so much he actually ate several of the treats!

The gift was made even more special after sweet Misha died Monday afternoon. She fell down the steps Sunday night at home, and was unable to get up Monday morning. The vet thinks that maybe she punctured a lung in the fall. The vet put her to sleep and she went very peacefully. Misha was 15 years old. She'd been a faithful companion and was a lovable dog. I only got to see her a few times during her life, but she was always glad to see me.

Take a moment for Misha, and remind those that you love just how much you love them.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It is COLD

Some of long term readers may remember that Petey got a snuggi for Christmas last year and hated it. We tried various things like laying it in his bed trying to get him acclimated to it. He was quite resistant and still wanted mine no matter what. It has turned very, very cold and Petey does not tolerate cold well at all. We really do want Petey to be comfortable, so we've been searching for ways for him to keep warm knowing that it is a long way until spring.

We got the snuggi back out several days ago, and have been putting it in strategic areas that we know Petey frequents like his ring bed by the fireplace and the heating vent in the living room. We were hoping once again to desensitize him to the offending garment. Our thinking was that we might get him a sweater for Christmas, but the last time we tried that it was about as welcome as the snuggi. We were hoping that once he got used the the garment he already had we could move on to the sweater.

Yesterday, John decided was the day to actually put the snuggi on Petey. I was out shopping and came home to find Petey wearing the snuggi but it looked odd somehow. It was all bunched up around his neck, more like a scarf than a wearable blanket. I asked John if Petey had done that or had he. John said he did it. He knew it didn't look right, but he was having a hard time getting the thing on Petey since he was so resistant. We ganged up on Petey then, and put the snuggi on him properly. Boy was he mad.

He pouted and grumped around the house. He scratched at the bedding and flung himself around. You have not lived until you have seen a dog throw a temper tantrum. We were undaunted and left the snuggi on Petey. In a bit, Petey got under the covers on the master bed. He was scratching under the covers like a mad dog. He sometimes scratches around while he's under the cover because he doesn't like the fitted sheet too smooth. This, however, seemed much more excessive than typical. By the time I got to him to see what in the world was going on the snuggi came flying up, out from underneath the covers. That little goof had hidden under the cover and taken the thing off! Not only had he taken it off, he flung it. He FLUNG IT!!!

It is pouring snow & ice right now, and Petey is naked. He's having to brave the elements au natural. It is his own silly fault.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

John's Belt

I was in the living room this afternoon, and noticed something odd in Petey's ring bed. I went to investigate and found John's belt in his bed. I asked Petey what is was doing there and he was quite tight lipped about it, so I went to John. John had no answers either. I picked up the belt and took it to John so that he could put it away and Petey followed me. He was not happy that I'd taken the belt out of his bed.

Just now, Petey got in his ring bed and growled when he laid down. I think he's mad about the missing belt! We have no idea why/how the belt got there. We do know why he's mad. He thought it was his, and he is quite possessive of his stuff.

Thins like this are hardly a blip on the radar anymore. It is just life with Petey...

Just for the record, there were no ill effects from the sage. We did find another spot for it, though.