Sunday, May 31, 2009

A New Quirk

When John and I started this blog we came up with a long list of Petey-isms that we thought would be funny to share. I've gotten away from that some, to share some day to day life experiences with him. I've given consideration to several of his quirks as yet unmentioned on the blog like his RLS, but he has developed a new one of late. He won't scratch on the door to come in anymore.

We largely use the back door to come and go out of the house ourselves, and almost exclusively us that for letting Petey in our out. At times, when he's scratched on the back door signaling he's ready to come and and we haven't heard, he would come to the front door. We thought this was smart of him. But those occasions were rare.

Lately, we've noticed that when he comes back to the door to come back in, he just stands there. Of course, we have adapted to Petey rather than adapting Petey to us. So, most of the time we stand there and wait for him to come back, so that the scratch is not necessary. Now with the fabulous sun to lay in for hours at a time, John and I are not standing by the back door awaiting his majesty's return. A few times, I've heard Petey barking and gone to investigate, only to discover that he just wanted in, most of the time, however he just stands there. John and I try as hard as we can, but we have not yet developed mental telepathy. Now, we just go check on him from time to time.

Just now, Petey had been out sunning on the back porch, and I decided he might want to come inn so I went to see. He wasn't there. He wasn't in our driveway or the neighbor's driveway either. I came to check with John to see if he'd let him in and he had not. I went to the front door. Petey was just standing there patiently waiting for someone to notice that he wanted in. At least he isn't getting perturbed because we don't know he wants in...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day from Petey

Here Petey and John are celebrating Memorial Day Petey's favorite way - with a belly rub.

John put out the flag, so I got a couple of shots with them and the flag, but it is hard to see them. If you click on the pictures to make them bigger, they're better.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!


Petey loves the summer. He loves to soak up the sun. It can't get too hot for him. He loves any temperature over 80. We think his ideal owner would live in Miami and stay at home with him all day. He does the best he can with us.

One of his favorite summer time activities, as mentioned in a previous post is to lay in the sun in the driveway. He'll lay there forever. He'll come inside panting like he's just run 100 miles and drinks a bunch of water. Then he'll go out for more.

Right now he is still in our driveway. It is concrete so it reflects the heat nicely. Apparently the neighbors asphalt driveway has not yet soaked up enough of the summer heat to be suitable just yet.

These are a few shots of him in our driveway. They were taken through the window so as not to disturb his repose. They're not the best, but you get the idea.

I think this one is in the neighbor's driveway. John took it, so I'm not positive. He thought he'd taken several in each driveway, but there were only three on the camera. I still think he's waiting for the blacktop to get good and hot!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Petey's Public

We had a couple of birthdays this weekend, so we celebrated them Saturday night by going out to eat. After that, everyone came over here for cake. We had forewarned Petey and he was on his best behavior. One of our guests was a faithful blog reader that had not met Petey. He was very good and did not bark at her. He also demonstrated his gift un-wrapping skills for her, but didn't hog the limelight.

I was a little worried about how Petey would react when he met one of his fans in person. He did fine. Thanks for reading LE, and all three of the rest of you!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Unpredictable Pete!

John got home from his trip yesterday about 6:00 pm. Petey met him with the greatest of enthusiasm. I really wasn't surprised by this. I was sure that Petey would be glad to see John, but in a few minutes remember that he'd been abandoned by him and the punishment would begin. Oh no!! Petey carried on like you wouldn't believe jumping and dancing around. When John sat down, Petey wedged himself in the chair beside him. He was sooooooo glad to see John! He would just gaze up at him.

John had to leave again briefly about 6:30. I thought that would be it between those two and that Petey would have nothing to do with him when he got back home. John was gone for 20 or 30 minutes. Petey spent the entire time outside on the porch looking for him. John got just as enthusiastic greeting as before. I don't think Petey has let John out of his sight since then.

I think I'm still allowed to live here, but my second place designation has fallen a great distance. I stand corrected...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Petey Act

John is out of town this week, leaving me to be Petey's number one and number two. It is a tiring job. Generally, John leaves for work about an hour before me and gets home about an hour before I do. So, Petey gets to go out just before I leave and then as soon as John gets home. This week he is having to wait an extra hour before going out in the afternoon. He's been a very good boy and hasn't peed in the house at all - at least not that I can find.

Yesterday, I had a late meeting at work and was going to be at least an hour and a half later than usual getting home. That would mean that Petey would have to wait an addition 2 1/2 hours before going out at the earliest. I enlisted Mama to come over during the afternoon to let him out so that he could make it the rest of the day. When I got home Petey greeted me as usual and seemed perfectly fine other than a, still unexplained black mark on his side. Everything seemed just fine until about 8:30.

Mama called then, and asked if he was OK. It was a surprising question since Petey seemed so fine. I asked why she asked and she said that he was very sick when she was here, and that he threw up outside. She stayed longer than she meant to, and was a little afraid to leave him. She even considered taking him home with her. In the end, she left him, although she was concerned the whole time.

We came to the conclusion that Petey didn't want her to leave, so he did what he could to make her stay. He knew just how to play her to make her stay. He didn't quite get what he wanted but she did stay longer than she meant to. We're really going to have to watch the little guy!!

Stay tuned for a post about how mad Petey is at John when he gets home!!!!