Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Kindness

John and I still miss Petey.  Yesterday as we were leaving the house after dark, I automatically reached to turn on a light so that Petey wouldn't be left in the dark.  I mentioned my memory lapse to John when it happened and he admitted that recently he'd thought he would put some meat broth over Petey's food.  Petey was with us for a long time, so we know it will take a while to stop having those thoughts almost as a reflex.  Most of the time we smile when we remember the little goof.

Then today's mail came:

It made me cry.  It was such a kind thing for the clinic to do.  They were the first to send us a sympathy card after having followed up with us the next day.  We both thought, that was more than required and expected nothing more.

I can most assuredly say that if we ever get another pet, we will chose the Berry Hill Animal Clinic to care for it.  We will recommend them to anyone in the Nashville area.  They took good care of Petey while he was alive and even remembered him from one visit to the next.  Now, they are taking good care of us.

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